the most beautiful you

First - we plan! Each of my beauties receives a personal outfit & styling consultation to choose pieces that flatter you and suit your personality. Don't have outfits, or can't find anything you love at the store? That's ok! We have an extensive studio wardrobe you can 'shop' from & use for your session.

Remember: this isn't just about lingerie or the makeover - it's about YOU feeling confident and beautiful in your skin. As a cultivator of soul work & intimate portrait photographer, I LOVE that I am able to encourage & empower my beauties in the necessary mental & emotional capacities to make this process an INCREDIBLE one. This really comes into play during the next step: a complimentary confidence coaching call before your session. During this call, we will talk through your hopes, fears and insecurities, & empower you in your unique amazingness, so the day of the session you are ready to ROCK it!

On the day of your session, you'll walk into our romantically designed, boutique studio and be welcomed by me and my assistant Jenna with wine, sweets and soothing music. Next (if you elect to partake in professional hair and makeup styling to glam it up) you'll be pampered by one of our talented artists who will create a natural look that showcases the most beautiful you. During your session, you'll find there is no shortage of encouraging words, laughter and amazing sisterhood. You will leave feeling confident, cared for, and loved!

Within a week (depending on availability) of the session, I'll invite you back to the studio to see your gorgeous collection of edited and retouched images. Together we will walk through all the different options for documentation and order those luxe keepsake products. You won't even know who that gorgeous woman is, and your photos will serve as a beautiful reminder to go forth in confidence in all you do! 

This experience is about helping you discover your beauty, strength and confidence.


You deserve to feel beautiful.
No matter what size you are,
or what insecurities you’re holding onto.
No matter what you've been through.

Your intimate portraiture session is about more than just beautiful photos. It's a luxe experience designed to pamper and empower you. 

What do you say, gorgeous? Ready to book this incredible experience for yourself?
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Our Process

"Andrew and Tianna are the absolute best. They went above and beyond to make sure we both felt comfortable. Their professionalism and creative vision is unmatched. The pictures they took will be forever treasured."

"It was so comforting to know that we had them capturing every emotion and special moment of our day! They are an amazing team and the quality of their work speaks for itself. They exceeded our expectations & we could not be happier with our photos!"

"I don't think there are enough positive words that I could say about Andrew and Tianna photography. They are exceptional beyond measure. Andrew and Tianna are also some of the most incredible people I've ever met. I truly believe that makes all the difference and what sets them a step above. Being a husband and wife team the chemistry between them allows them to capture love between other people."

"I can't say enough good things about this power couple. I feel like I experienced the wedding not only from my perspective, but from my husband's, our friends, and our family. Their work is perfect from start to finish. They have become friends and our photographers for every major event we encounter."

"These two are incredible. They're upbeat, positive, honest, organized, professional, they check in with you, they respond quickly, and they work around your schedule. There's no uncomfortable posing or awkwardness, you just be you and they work magic. Their work blows my mind. They really changed our perception of that day like you wouldn't believe. I'm so thankful that we chose them."

• Up to 3 hours of session time
• Professional hair and makeup
• Includes one add on experience (angel wings, outdoor location, couples, milk bath, in-home, or 2 custom designed floral accessories)
• Up to 7 outfits
• Guided Photo Collection Reveal & Ordering Appointment
• $100 product credit & the digital file of any products you purchase

• Private In- Home Session $75
• Angel Wings $100
•Outdoor Location $100
• Additional Hour of Session Time $150/hr
• Couples Boudoir $200
• Milk Bath Boudoir $200
• Custom Floral Accessories $250

• 1 hour session
• Professional hair and makeup
• Private studio location
• 2 outfits
• Guided Photo Collection Reveal & Ordering Appointment
• $100 product credit & the digital file of any products you purchase

investing in your experience

the session fee

collection 1 - $500

add on experiences

Collection 2 - $800

(scroll over for more info)

what we offer

the products

prints & wall art
begin at $85

albums begin at $900

Digitals begin at $85



At Yours Truly Portraiture we specialize in intimate portraiture. Beauty, boudoir, whatever you want to call it - is art that empowers and inspires women to embrace their true beauty, inner strength and confidence. We do this through a variety of session offerings from regular studio sessions to relaxing milk baths, outdoor on location shoots, and couples boudoir.

Though I love capturing tasteful and classy portraits (even nudity), please note that our studio does not offer erotic or explicit photography services.

YES! I have an AMAZING team of professionals I work with and those styling services are optional/included in the session fee.

Having a professional pamper you not only makes sure you look and feel your best, but it also makes a difference in how your photos turn out. That being said I am ALL ABOUT the au natural experience as I believe YOU, just as you are, IS ENOUGH! This experience is FOR YOU - so if you prefer to come as you are or do your own styling I fully support you!

NOTE: As hair and makeup is optional if you choose not to partake in our professional pampering services the pricing does not change.

I would SO rather you spend your money on getting the products and images you LOVE, so to help I have amassed an EXTENSIVE in-house studio wardrobe for my clients to shop from that includes a wide variety of both outfits & accessories.

All the outfits in our wardrobe are items that I know photograph well, fit in all the right places, and we carry sizes to fit every body shape! Once you book, I will send you a session guide that goes in depth on this information to include a gallery of what we carry and recommendations that will best suit you.

In our basic session we photograph 3 outfits/looks, in the deluxe - up to 7!

I work with an all-female team & I promise you are in good hands!

Between our professional hair and makeup stylists, my studio assistant Jenna (who handles all the client care the day of the session - from bringing you wine to adjusting your hair in photos) we are all on the same page and have been doing this for years! I promise within minutes we will have you laughing and feeling like you are spending time with old friends.

I have a gorgeous romantically designed studio in Chesapeake Virginia. You can see more photos of our studio HERE . I also offer on location outdoor sessions (at some relatively private locales) and lifestyle in-home sessions if you’ve got a cozy space with lots of window light.

Click below to see our FULL investment pricing:
Session Offerings & Products

I LOVE when my ladies bring a friend. It can be so encouraging and uplifting with more positive energy in the room. I do have a few guidelines to make sure you have an amazing session.

1. She needs to be positive. Even if something may not look the greatest (initially) it's my job to make you feel great and don't get too much in your head. So your friend needs to understand that moving through different positions and looks is a process and that no matter what we are encouraging along the way.

2. I ask that friends do not try to direct or pose. I'm always open to ideas but not every pose looks great on every body shape and I have had clients get disappointed by certain ideas not turning out as they imagined.

3. Be sure this friend is someone you will feel comfortable being in front of in such a vulnerable state. Our session time is limited and precious and I'd hate for you to be held back because of nerves or slowed down because we spend a lot of time chatting. Don't get me wrong we will definitely be talking and having a blast, but I caution you against anything that might slow us down.

 If you know your friend can honor this - the more the merrier!

First thing, we need to connect. Send me a message, and we’ll get you booked. Or you can click here to check out my online scheduler and choose a date that works best for you!

Then - we plan! Each of my beauties receives a personal outfit & styling consultation to choose pieces to flatter you and show off your personality. Don't have outfits, or can't find anything you love at the store? That's ok! We have an extensive studio wardrobe you can 'shop' from & use for your session.

As a cultivator of soul work, I LOVE that I am able to encourage & empower my beauties in the necessary mental & emotional capacities to make this process an INCREDIBLE one and I do this through a complimentary confidence coaching call before the session. During this call, we will talk through your hopes, fears and insecurities, & empower you in your unique amazingness, so the day of the session you are ready to ROCK it!

When you arrive the day of your session, be prepared to be pampered by one of our stylists then we’ll have a FABULOUS photo shoot, to include empowering words, relaxing music, wine and sweets. Before you leave, we’ll schedule your private photo reveal appointment for 1-2 weeks later (pending our schedules). Once I’ve edited your images with care, you’ll return to the studio for your reveal, and you’ll choose which products you want to order from your collection. 

ABSOLUTELY! I’m a full-time photographer and I’m committed to making you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible. I love meeting my beauties beforehand to let them tour the space and to talk details like outfits, poses they love, and styles for their makeup. If this is something you'd be interested in - let me know after you book and we will schedule an in-studio consultation. 

After the session we will schedule a private photo reveal appointment for you to see all your gorgeous images. This will take place at the studio 1-2 weeks after the session.

During this appointment you will view a short but jaw dropping slideshow of your images, then we will work together to narrow these down to the favorites you want to purchase. Next, I'll walk you through our different products, allowing you to see and touch samples, and then we will review pricing and place your order.

PRODUCT DELIVERY: Digital images can be ready SAME DAY once payment is received. Prints are usually ready in 2-3 days & albums take between 3-6 weeks to arrive. 

NOTE: We DO NOT offer online viewing of images. No products will be delivered until payment is received in FULL. 

After the session, I professionally edit & retouch your images. This includes basic color corrections, removing & minimizing blemishes (such as pimples, bruises, etc), slight smoothing, and adjustments to the images to match my artistic style.

Having been a boudoir photographer, for 7 years I pride myself on knowing the best positions and angles to flatter those areas you love and minimize or hide the ones you don't – often we don’t need photoshop at all! That being said, I want you to be proud of these images and I edit in such a way to make you look your very best natural you.

YES! We've got payment plans!

We hear often that our beauties don’t know how they’re going to narrow down their purchase selections because they love so many of their images. It’s a lovely problem to have and we do offer flexible payment plans to help you get absolutely everything you want with no interest for 12 months and affordable monthly payments.

 Either way, I’m here to help you narrow down to your favorites and choose which images you can't live without.

ABSOLUTELY. No questions asked. My clients are lawyers, teachers, doctors, and military members and I absolutely protect their identity and do not display their photos anywhere without their permission. I love when I am able to show off photos on my website or social media to reach other beauties like you, but all images displayed are always with written consent.




Upon researching I really decided to book with Yours Truly and I am so glad I did! Tianna is absolutely amazing! One of the most nonjudgemental, down to earth and fun women I have met! Consistent with communication; sent emails with links to easily access information. Everything was detailed, organized and understood!

The studio is absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere was calming but sensual. Just what you need for the shoot! The background music added to the ambiance. This shoot was so much fun! I came in feeling mixed emotions of excitedness and nervousness which later turned to me feeling like a goddess! After my divorce I lost myself and became completely insecure. Definitely came out of this feeling like an empowered beautiful woman. I haven't felt like that in years. 

All of this was completely worth it! I am worth it! Tianna showed me just that...I am worth it all and so much more. Thank you so much Tianna for being the one to take part in this journey with me. I truly enjoyed every moment and cannot wait to see you again in the future for another shoot!

"My session with tianna was amazing!!! She makes you feel so special by Arranging hair and make-up and then so comfortable in front of the camera. She is relaxed, patient and her sweet demeanor makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world!!"

I was so nervous about my session, but I felt so relaxed as soon as we started. I went back to look at my photos and I couldn't believe how beautiful they turned out. I needed to do this for myself and I couldn't be more pleased. I definitely recommend everyone going here for your session.

OMG! I had SUCH an amazing experience at Yours Truly Portraiture! I was incredibly nervous about doing a session but I had been wanting to do it for years. Her makeup artist was phenomenal (and I’m extremely picky about my makeup!) and she made me feel absolutely beautiful! Tiana gave great instruction, encouraged me, and made me feel sexy. I don’t even wear lingerie at home, but since my shoot I’ve worn it 3x! My husband is very appreciative! Overall she is incredible, super professional, and SO talented! I definitely recommend.

She responded expeditiously when first looking into the details and setting up an 'over the phone' meeting to answer all questions and concerns I may have before scheduling an appointment. She was gracious, understanding and considerate with any concerns and time constraints that arose through out the process. Now I am usually comfortable with myself and myself in various states of undress, however those pre jitters whether it's excitement, or nerves she was able to relax and eliminate those nerves and anxiety with light hearted quips to put you at ease. Not to mention the pampering. . from the hair and make up to the glass of wine and was extremely attentive to comfort yet flattering poses. Was hands down the finest experience I've had.

I highly recommend Yours Truly Portraiture and Tianna for a boudoir photography session. From the first time that I sent an inquiry, Tianna was quick to respond. She kept in touch throughout the whole process, sending informative emails and keeping in touch through text messaging. The studio is bright, professional, and clean. Many people think of a boudoir session as being risque and awkward, but the whole atmosphere of my session was comfortable and familiar. Tianna is clearly committed to her work and her art, and the pictures that resulted were amazing! I did not know what to expect, but I was blown away by them! I did the session as a gift for my husband, but after I saw the pictures I fell in love with how artistic and beautiful they are. I am so happy I reached out to Tianna, and again, highly recommend her. 

Tianna is AWESOME! She has a wonderful eye for detail and does a great job with recommending poses that are complimentary and unique for each client. I will also add that she has a beautiful spirit and you will feel absolutely comfortable working with her. I am a true fan of Tianna and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with her.

9 Reasons YOU should book a boudoir session



1. You’ll leave feeling gorgeous

Your session & this experience will show you the beauty that most of us overlook cause we are so busy pointing out our flaws we miss all those amazing parts of ourselves! When a woman is able to truly let go of her inhibitions and just bask in her beauty something is unleashed. feelings & moments captured that will stir something inside you that cannot be taken away. 

2. It’s a great excuse to get dolled up

Professional Hair and makeup is included in every session! All you have to do is show up and get ready to be pampered and spoiled for the day! Before the session I'll connect you with my in house stylist to plan your look, enhancing your natural beauty while keeping your look completely you.

3. Wedding - Anniversary - Birthday Gift? Check!

You've got your wedding gift figured out! Men can be so hard to buy for but this is the gift you know they'll love forever and ever!

To see the luxe products we offer, click the link above that says products!

4. Capture this Moment in Time

Capture this beautiful stage of life NOW! As women we go through so many changes and seasons of our lives. This one, engagement and starting your life with the one who holds your heart is an amazing one you are going to forever cherish! In fifty years the two of you will be able to relive the passion and sweetness of your youth and what started it all.

5. It’s a great excuse to get new lingerie (if you want)
Some of my favorite places to shop for gorgeous lingerie for your session are: FreePeople, BHLDN, & Victoria's Secret.

If you dont love shopping no problem! I've got an extensive studio wardrobe to allow my beauties to shop through for their session. All items are sanitized and laundered after each use and it will allow you to save a little money while having the assurance that you can have items for your session the will photograph beautifully.

To see my studio wardrobe, click 'Studio' above and then click the wardrobe button!

6.  It’s not as scary as you think

 I PROMISE within minutes you will be laughing and LOVING how you look and feel! Every single woman is pleasantly surprised and so over the moon with the result! often I get tears shed, jaws on the floor, and so many exclamations of how they cannot believe they are truly seeing themselves!

All of my gals mention being so thankful they didn't wait another minute to book, head to our experience page to read some of our testimonials from past clients.

7. I have payment plans!

This experience and these images are a beautiful investment into preserving this you, now. I offer flexible payment plans to make it affordable! I know you are going to love these photos so much I absolutely want you to be able to get everything you want! Ask me about how we can create a custom package just for you!

8. Because you deserve this!
A session with Yours Truly Portraiture is a luxe experience. The photos are just a small part of it. a wonderful part, but the rest is pretty amazing too.

 From the moment you book, we work together to plan a session you will never forget and capture images you will adore. From the shopping and excitement that goes into planning the session to being pampered the day of, get ready to be loved. Taken care of. Spoiled. Cherished. Shown the REAL and walk away in awe of YOU!

9. There’s wine.

I mean...do you really need more reasons?

Ok. Well -
1. There's wine.
2. There are sweets! 
3. Gift giving is one of my love languages. You'll be spoiled by a few surprise little somethings throughout the process.

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