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I say those three words a lot. In fact, I have them tattooed on my body, in case I need a reminder. It’s become my mantra. It’s what I tell every single woman who walks through my studio doors.

But it’s not something I’ve always believed.

Growing up as a total tomboy and not naturally an athlete, I always felt like I had to work to look beautiful. From middle school, where I developed earlier than my peers... to college, where I gained much more than the freshman 15… to weighing in at over 250 pounds at my heaviest, depressed and feeling lost—health and happiness seemed like a fleeting, unobtainable thing. Beauty felt entirely out of reach. I certainly did not feel like enough.

You are enough.

Fast forward to today: I’ve lost over 100 pounds, birthed two children, and become an avid CrossFitter. I'm healthier and stronger than I've ever been… and still, I'm still not that which the world “says” is beautiful.

I still battle depression.
I’m covered in stretch marks and scars.
I've got some extra love on my hips I'll probably never be rid of...

But can I tell you something?

It was never about losing the weight, or attaining some other worldly standard of beauty.

Learning to love myself deeply came not from a physical transformation, but a heart one. I had to stop believing the lie that I had to look or act a certain way to be considered beautiful. I am beautiful not because of a number on a scale, but because I was made in the image of the Creator. I am not enough when the world says I am. I am enough NOW, because my worth is inherent. 

THIS is the transformative experience of intimate portraiture. My beauties get to see the absolute BEST sides of themselves, and I’m not just talking about strategic posing. They get to see the truth about themselves: that they radiate confidence and strength. They get to look deeply into their own eyes and see courage, beauty and love. They get to let go of the lie that they are not enough, because their photos tell the truth: they have always been enough.

My beauties leave their sessions with more than just an appreciation for their bodies. They leave feeling accepted, empowered, and more confident than when they arrived. They leave with the TRUTH about themselves etched into their hearts: they are enough.




Tianna is a blessing and respects the vulnerable state you are in. She brings a peace and confidence that sets you at ease and truly make the experience fun. For those looking for seeing your beauty and not trying to feel exposed or are afraid of the erotic nature that many photographers capture, Tianna is the BEST!! Her goal is to make you feel comfortable and see yourself as a masterpiece. My hubby and I love the pictures not because they show some skin, but because they are beautiful and artful.

I highly recommend Yours Truly Portraiture and Tianna for a boudoir photography session. From the first time that I sent an inquiry, Tianna was quick to respond. She kept in touch throughout the whole process, sending informative emails and keeping in touch through text messaging. The studio is bright, professional, and clean. Many people think of a boudoir session as being risque and awkward, but the whole atmosphere of my session was comfortable and familiar. Tianna is clearly committed to her work and her art, and the pictures that resulted were amazing! I did not know what to expect, but I was blown away by them! I did the session as a gift for my husband, but after I saw the pictures I fell in love with how artistic and beautiful they are. I am so happy I reached out to Tianna, and again, highly recommend her. 

"Tianna is a complete joy to work with!! She helped me to recreate my wedding memories for my anniversary. Her way of making you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin is one of a kind. Tianna is a TRUE artist! She has the God-given gift to help you see the most beautiful you. I have worked with her on two separate occasions for different projects, and there is no other photographer that I would want to work with!!"

My experience was absolutely incredible!! I would recommend this boudoir to all of my friends! She makes you feel so empowered and comfortable and that is really a big deal when it comes to this kind of photo session. I was really nervous when i walked through the door, but the second she started talking i was relaxed. The environment is fun and the whole session was a blast! It’s not only about the pictures (which turned out beautiful), but also the experience that made this something memorable. Thank you Tianna!!

Tianna was absolutely a dream to work with. I messaged her because a few friends could not stop talking about how incredible she was. I’m so glad I took the chance even though I was so nervous and scared. She is just a lovey human being and her love for what she does shows not only in her gorgeous end product but also in her beautiful personality! She makes everything soooo comfortable and at the end I felt like I knew her forever! I can’t even believe how beautiful I felt during and after my shoot. Can not recommend her enough!!

"Tianna was incredibly helpful in the weeks leading up to my session, answering all of my questions and helping me feel prepared! I was nervous going into it but came out of our session feeling beautiful and so excited about what she captured! She made me feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful and the studio felt warm and inviting. I loved every one of the photos she captured and would highly recommend a boudoir session (and Yours Truly Portraiture) to every woman! Thank you, Tianna for such an enjoyable experience and gorgeous photos!"

"Being a plus sized woman just starting out on a weight loss journey I was feeling anxious about my session. Tianna made me feel comfortable & never anything less than beautiful. Any woman would be doing themselves a favor in having a boudoir photo session with Tianna."

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